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Take a moment to consider that a funeral is usually arranged in less than a week. That's less than 7 days to gather photos, choose service music and decide on memorial stationery.


It is all too easy to think, "I'm not going to be here, so why should I care what happens?"


At Emerald Creative, we often see families struggle immensely to organise and prepare for a service, often doing so under the strain of grief. Advanced planning allows you to organise as much as possible in order to help ease the burden on your loved ones.

The 'Being Prepared' preplanning service is $99 per person and covers:

  • Consultation at your choice of location
  • Sort, scan and digitally edit photos onto USB/CD
  • Document your music and stationery preferences

The document will also contain the contact details for Emerald Creative and should your family choose to use our services when the time comes for funeral stationery and/or a Memorial Slideshow, this amount will be deducted from the total of the invoice.

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