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A Funeral Order of Service is a printed booklet which lists all the details that comprise the funeral service, and are distributed by the funeral director prior to the service.


The Order of Service will help those unacquainted with the funeral service to participate in all aspects. The booklet becomes a keepsake for your memories. We can provide for both civil and religious services.


Booklets can be 4 page, 8 page and 12 page, plus we offer a unique 6 page booklet which folds into 3 panels (trifold).


 Other sizes are subject to individual quote.


All booklets are individually personalised for your loved one and created using professional graphic design software, then scored and folded.


We print on quality card up to 200gsm for A5 booklets, and 150gsm for trifold.

What does an Order of Service

booklet look like?


The cover of the  booklet may have a photo, their name, date of birth,

date of death, location of service, and a funeral service title, such as "In Loving Memory" or "A Celebration of Life.


Inside the booklet is the outline of the order for the service.  The service can be religious or civil, and generally includes music, eulogies/tributes, bible verses, readings and a photo slideshow.


The back of the booklet has special acknowledgements or a short thank you note from the family, plus details of a graveside service and/or wake. Another photo can also be added here.

A priceless keepsake...

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