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Choose music that provides comfort and stimulates pleasant memories of the departed person.


For any type of funeral service, as a rule, choose 3 songs:

Entrance, Reflection and Farewell.


You can also include additional music for Floral Tributes and graveside services.  Reflection music is usually the music that accompanies the memorial photo slideshow, if you are having one.


Particularly with civil funeral services, music choice can be quite varied. If your loved one was an NRL  footy fan, perhaps play their favourite team's victory song? If they were a film or theatre buff, consider using music from musicals or stage shows.


With a civil service, the choice of music is endless and ideally should reflect the personality and likes of your loved one.  However, if the service is to be conducted in a church, consult with the minister about their music guidelines.  It is common for only religious hymns and music to be played in a church.

Music soothes the soul...

There are many ways to read and use funeral readings and poems to make your loved one's funeral more special and memorable. It's also a great way to show how much you care.


Make sure you practice reading your poem in a quiet place a few times before the day, so you can change your voice pitch and volume based on what is proven to sound better.


You can arrange to have some audio devices at the funeral, so you can play soft, soothing music in the background while you are reading your poem. It makes it more special and lets every word sink in while listening to the music.


For inspiration for your funeral readings, we recommend visiting the website of renowned US poet, Ron Tranmer, whose focus is to help those grieving find comfort and hope.




Words from the heart...

'To Where You Are'

Josh Groban

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