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Memorial slideshows are a sincere and beautiful way of celebrating the life of your loved one, playing an essential role in the grieving process. Re-live those special moments and remember treasured times.


From wherever you are in Australia, it's easy to scan photos and send to us via a cloud delivery transfer site such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.   If you are not familiar with photo scanning, we can collect hardcopy photos from you instead (this service is only available within the Sydney metro area).


We will then discuss with you how you want your loved one to be remembered, with no details left out.   If you require assistance with music choices, we can help with suggestions. Add special effects, story pages or any other other memorabillia that you feel is appropriate.


In the coming years, DVD will eventually be phased out.  In our changing world of technology, delivery of a memorial slideshow is fast evolving and soon slideshows will be played in chapels by USB or via cloud delivery.


With these factors in mind, we can tailor your slideshow requirements to build exactly what you need.


Please view the sample slideshow below:



A Life in Pictures...

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